Meredith McClain, sole proprietor of MeredithMcClainBody, Inc., is a certified personal trainer based in Pasadena, CA, and has obtained her certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

Always an active girl, Meredith participated in dance, gymnastics and cheer leading in school.  In her college years she maintained her desire for fitness through various group exercise classes and gyms.  It was after Berkeley that she discovered her love for long distance running.

Upon graduation she moved to Mexico City, which is not known for its state of the art fitness facilities or its health and fitness industry. So to keep fit she invested in her first pair of running shoes and took to the streets of Distrito Federal. That new found love of running carried her all the way back to the United States to live in New York City where early one November morning she stood on the side lines of Central Park and cheered Tegla Nairobe and thousands more on to the finish line of the New York City Marathon.

“I think that is what I love about athleticism. I think to be human is to be an athlete. To be human is to be ambulatory in your life. Athleticism, fitness, wellness, whatever you want to call it, is for every human being on the planet. Just watch a marathon, or better yet, participate in one and you will see. There is something bigger inside all of our bodies that takes us out into the world. It may start with wanting a smaller waist or bigger pecs or ending your day with a calorie deficit, but to be fully alive in your body is to fully inhabit it. Relish its capacity for expansion. If the human body can expand to dress sizes to support 300 lbs and pants to fit a size 3XXL, then the human body can expand in the direction of a lower resting metabolic heart rate, muscles can be developed to burn fat while you are sleeping, and sweat can be your best detoxifier and cooling system for the biggest organ we have, the skin.”

It wasn’t until Meredith moved to Southern California and became a resident of Pasadena that she became serious about taking her running to the next level. Her first marathon came by way of a great organization called APLA/Aids Project Los Angeles. She trained seriously for 6 months and completed her first marathon in 4:34. Another marathon followed thereafter. She is not currently training for a race at the moment but vows to stay fit and available for when the next single inspired moment takes her on another glorious journey of expansion and adventure.