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Be A Flirt

Be A Flirt

I love Alicia Silverstone’s latest book “The Kind Diet”. In it she suggests flirting wtih foods. That way you don’t become overwhelmed with having to do too much too soon. Just date the dino kale or the bok choy. You don’t have to get married, just go out on a nice casual date on your plate. I love the way babies explore their appetite and develop their palates instinctively. They are constant little flirts. Here are some fab five flirts to get you started: Quiona, Kale, Beans, Leeks and Squash.  See my blog on why these fab five make great dates on your plate.

To Tea…

To Tea... Or Not To Tea

Or not to tea? To tea, I say, and tea as often as possible. In addition to being a great beverage, there are also many different flavors to choose from with decaffeinated and herbal options to boot.

There are a ton of health benefits to drinking tea. Black tea is known to help fight against different forms of cancer. While green tea is widely known to boost the immune system and your metabolism due to epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Adding lemon juice elevates the amount of EGCG the body absorbs.



Water….this is natures best beverage. It is a life giving substance and sustains us longer than any food ever could. We can go without food for a length of time, but we cannot go without water.

So, how much of this beverage should we be getting? Truthfully, anywhere from six to eight glasses a day. You can add a couple more on your workout days to replenish the water lost from all your delicious sweating. Try adding fresh mint leaves and cucumber or lime and orange slices to make for a nice refreshing beverage.

Omega 3

Omega 3 Fish Oil

Amazing benefits can come from adding Omega 3 fish oil to your diet. Anywhere from decreased pain and inflammation, reduction of breast, colon and prostate cancer, improved cardiovascular health, protection from stroke and heart attack, weight loss, improved vision to improving memory, recall and ability to focus.

One of the best forms of Omega 3’s can be found in fresh salmon. You can also get it in supplemental forms such as capsule or liquid form. Visit a natural health food store for the best sources of Omega 3.