One on One Personal Training

This is your personal 60 minute exclusive training session. In some of the best and most exclusive health clubs we will work your customized work out program. A complete regimen designed for your level of fitness and goals. One on One training delivers strength, flexibility, balanced fitness and endurance.

  • All programs will be initiated with a complimentary full lifestyle, health and fitness assessment.
  • ‘Off-Day’ and Travel programs available.

Group Training

The objective is to encourage you to exercise properly and achieve your goals with the support of a partner(s). If the goal is to lose body fat, choosing the right partner is key. Other goals might include weight loss, general conditioning, improved cardio vascular health.  Shared training sessions will be fun, motivational and your results will be inspiring.

  • Custom packages available upon request.
  • Give the gift of fitness…
    Gift certificates available.

Hone at Home Training

You can get outstanding results working out in the privacy and safety of your own home. In-home fitness techniques include free weights, resistance bands, tubing, jump ropes and kettle bells.  Programs with no equipment can be designed also giving you a ‘no holds barred’ work out you can do anywhere and anytime. Custom price packages only.

New Body on the Block

You will start training at your level and advance to more demanding programs as you get faster and stronger.  We will work on setting goals and the best way to go about achieving them. I will introduce you to different forms of exercise to find the right fit and get you started on a wonderful healthy and fit new path.

Bootcamp Body Blast

Lose weight, get in shape and have fun while doing it.  Each boot camp incorporates core conditioning, flexibility, interval training, short distance running and body weight resistance training. This is a great way to meet new people and get an awesome work out for a fraction of the cost.


Small Group


(4-6 people)

  • Single Session
    $35 Per Person
  • 4 Session Pack
    $120/$30 Per Person
  • 8 Session Pack
    $200/$25 Per Person



(2-3 people)

  • Single Session
    $50 Per Person
  • 5 Session Pack
    $225/$45 Per Person
  • 10 Session Pack
    $400/$40 Per Person



(One on One)

  • Single Session
  • 5 Session Pack $350/$70
  • 10 Session Pack $650/$65



(Package Deals)

  • 4 Sessions/mo.
  • 8 Sessions/mo.
  • 12 Sessions/mo.